Learn to Play Piano Online for Free By Training in our Pianist’s Dojo


What is The Pianists Dojo?

I’ve searched for hours looking for awesome youtube piano lessons, and now I have organized them here so that you don’t have to! Use this site as your own personal pianist’s dojo. Come here often to exercise your skills and to learn new ones.

What You’ll Find:

  • Hundreds of instructional piano videos to help you learn piano from scratch or to help you develop your skills with cool tips and tricks.
  • Hundreds of instructional piano videos to help you learn great piano songs: pop, rock, r&b, jazz, and more!
  • And my favorite: hundreds of piano performances to keep you inspired and hopefully learn through osmosis. :-)

Tips on Using This Site:

  • This is virtual piano classroom is free! You’re not paying a personal instructor per visit. So, come here often and make piano playing a habit.
  • Have fun! Treat yourself to piano playing. Making it something you look forward to doing.
  • Keep your motivation up by watching our awesome selection of piano performances.
  • Don’t forget to login so you can save your favorite videos for later!

For Beginners: Favorite Piano Playing Basic Videos

Never played piano before? Looking for a way to learn learn how to play the keyboard without paying for expensive lessons? Checkout our favorite beginning piano lessons to get you from beginner to piano player in a flash.

Tips on piano chord voicings

http://bit.ly/billsbook This tutorial explains some of the things you need to think about when coming up with chord voicings, including spacing, chord identity and character. Category: MusicUploaded by: billhiltonbizHosted: youtube

A couple of piano hand independence exercises

http://bit.ly/billsbook Plenty of people have trouble developing their hand independence (i.e., getting left and right hands to do different things at the same time on the piano keyboard). In this tutorial I deal with a couple of exercises you can use to develop independence and improve your piano playing. Category: MusicUploaded by: billhiltonbizHosted: youtube

Happy birthday Mozart – and how classical piano can help your improvisation

http://bit.ly/billsbook In this tutorial I talk about how playing just a bit of classical piano can massively help your jazz, blues and pop playing. It’s all about precision, control and getting the two hands working together. Also, happy birthday Mozart – 256 today! Category: MusicUploaded by: billhiltonbizHosted: youtube

This is the heart of the dojo. If you know a little piano and want to get better, checkout a list of our favorites piano lessons. Learn about piano voicing, improvising, comping, chords, blues licks, walking bass lines, and other awesome tips and tricks.

Favorite Piano Songs: Learn a Song Today

Just looking to learn a song? Below are some of our favorite video piano lessons on playing some popular songs. You can look in our Learn a Song section to find more sweet songs to learn.